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During my last attempt to be a thru-hiker  of the Appalachian Trail  I made a lot of mistakes and did learn a great deal about  proper technique; such  how to use trekking poles efficiently and even how to walk  properly instead of shuffling along like so many older and debilitated individuals.  The old saying, "use them or loose them"  presents a stiff challenge to over come as we approach the 80's.  

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The Appalachian Trail?

The Appalachian Trail is a national park and it is 2,189 miles which wind through 14 States.  Though truly a wilderness and quite challenging, none the less it attracts approximately 4 million visitors each year.  Between 3 and 4 thousand of these visitors are called, "thru-hikers".  Other would be either section hikers, day hikers or bird watchers, etc. backpack

Body Mind and Soul

This will be my second attempt as a thru-hiker; I ran out of time, weather-wise in 2015.  My plan is to begin hiking at the summit of Springer Mtn which is located in the NW corner of GA.  March 23, 2019 will be my 80th birthday celebration which also is the start date, and my wife will be my every Saturday re-supply source; clean,dry clothing, food, shower, at least one great meal and Sunday worship.  

The plan is to hike twenty miles per day.  In order to accomplish that goal I am in the process of training my mind and my legs by finding one hike of 15-20 miles each Friday and an 8 mile hike each Saturday and Monday between now and    03/23/2019.  Also  have a strength coach (my grandson) each Tuesday and Thursday.  Hip flexors, shoulders, and core muscles of older bodies have a tendency toward atrophy as time goes by.  

Join Me On The Trail

First of all, I need you to know that my brother Bob and my sister Karen  and a dear friend, Larry all have been diagnosed with Parkinson disorder.  And there is an organization, OPFNE,  (Ohio Parkinsons Foundation NorthEast Region) , a not for profit organization has been and still is a very, very helpful partner supporting those who have been devastated with Parkinsons.  My goal is to raise funds so as to help OPFNE as they provide free aid in a myriad of services. -----AND-----  Secondly.  I would like to devote my heart, body and soul ministry more important than LIFE itself on this planet Earth: ["to prepare God's people for the works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up" Ephesians 4: 12].  This is not a hobby or just something to fill my time but it is a lifestyle devoted to advancing other people's faith and holiness.  

Please consider financial support for OPFNE and prayers as I look forward to daily divine appointments.       


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